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20th Anniversary of the Human Development Report: ‘The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development’

arton3105The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) re-launched its website with free web access to 40 years of data to mark the 20th anniversary of its Human Development Report (HDR) and the launch of the 2010 Report – The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development.


The 2010 Report was launched at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 4 November 2010 by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UNDP Administrator Helen Clark as well as Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, who played a critical role in the inception of the original report.

A key component of the report is the Human Development Index (HDI) , a combination of national measures of health, education and income that tracks the achievements for 169 countries. Moreover, three significant upgrades to the methodology for measuring human development have been implemented for the first time in this report. The three supplementary indices are the “inequality-adjusted HDI”, the “Multidimensional Poverty Index” (MPI) as well as the “Gender Inequality Index” (GII).

Norway, Australia and New Zealand are leading the way with their national achievements in health, education and income, while Niger, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe are found at the bottom of the annual HDI rankings. Nonetheless, the reports’ authors note that many countries in sub-Saharan Africa have made significant progress over the past 20 years, especially on education, and that “since 2000 five - Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda and Uganda - are among the Top 10 Movers” up the rankings.

The updated website offers the new 2010 Human Development Report in nine different language editions. It includes 20 years of past reports, as well as an expanded section on statistical resources.

The website also features a user-friendly "build your own index" option, which draws on extensive HDI databases. It also includes an interactive visualization tool for all countries in the HDI.

With the updated and new online tools and a greatly expanded database of international data, visitors can explore statistics, generate graphs and images, extract tables of data, and retrieve country profiles with the most current internationally vetted statistics on income, health, education and other development areas.

Since 1990, more than 140 countries have adopted the Human Development Report framework for their own policy and analytical purposes, which has produced more than 600 national Human Development Reports with UNDP support.

The 2010 report will launch around the world this autumn. To stay informed about HDR-related developments and research, such as the upcoming publications of HDR background papers, you can sign up to the HDR mailing list.

To access the full 2010 HDR click here: http://hdr.undp.org/en/media/HDR_20...

A summary can be found here: http://hdr.undp.org/en/media/HDR10%...

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