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IFAD - The multidimensional poverty assessment tool (MPAT): A new framework for measuring rural poverty

arton2291On 23 March theInternational Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD) officially launched a newmultidimensional poverty assessment tool(MPAT) that will allow better assessing and supporting rural poverty alleviation efforts at the local level in developing countries.

The tool does not focus on economic- and consumption-oriented development indicators, but rather on survey-based thematic indicators at household and village level, such as health (care), domestic water supply, sanitation, housing, farm and non-farm assets, education, food security, shocks, and gender equality. Furthermore, the universal tool is specific enough to be relevant to most rural areas and can be adapted to local circumstances.

It aims to stimulate data comparisons within and between countries; support project design; facilitate policy dialogue and national programme support; raise awareness among various stakeholders; empower beneficiaries; and provide secondary data analysis opportunities.

MPAT can be used by all those concerned with rural poverty reduction, including project management officers, governments, donors, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, practitioners or academics; and MPAT resources (book,user’s guideand spreadsheet) are freely accessibleonline.

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