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International Conference on Green Industry in Asia

This years International Conference on Green Industry in Asia is scheduled to take place in Manila, Philippines 9-11 September 2009. Hosted by the Philippine Government in cooperation with UNIDO, UNEP and ESCAP the theme for the conference is “Managing the Transition to Resource-Efficient and Low-Carbon Industries”.

In the rapidly industrializing economies of Asia, a low-carbon and resource-efficient pattern of industrial development will be key to ensuring rapid economic growth and protection of the environment. This conference brings together 700 decision makers, business leaders and eminent experts, with the aim of sharing information and best practices, that could lead Countries to follow a sustainable pattern of industrial development and be better placed to exploit the new market opportunities created by the shift towards resource-efficient and low-carbon production processes.

The conference is expected to endorse a Ministerial Declaration and Plan of Action that would outline the steps needed to reduce the resource intensity and greenhouse gas emissions of industries in Asia and track progress towards a low-carbon industrial future.

Deadline for registration for the conference is August 28. To find out more about the conference and register for participation see:http://www.unido.org/index.php?id=7782

For media inquires, please contact: George Assaf UNIDO Spokesman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +43-1-26026-3849                         +43-1-26026-3849,

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