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UNEP Report on Marine Litter

On World Oceans Day 8 June 2009, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) launched a report on marine litter titled “Marine Litter: A Global Challenge (2009)”. This report is the first-ever attempt to take stock of the marine litter situation in 12 major regional seas around the world.

Despite several international, regional and national efforts to reverse marine pollution, the report indicates that alarming quantities of rubbish thrown out to sea continue to endanger people’s safety and health, entrap wildlife, damage nautical equipment and deface coastal areas around the world. Giving an overview of the status of marine litter in UNEP’s assisted Regional Seas, the report highlights the amounts, main sources, impacts, and economics of marine litter, and discusses legislation, policies, compliance and enforcement mechanisms; institutional frameworks and stakeholder involvement; education and outreach strategies; monitoring programmes and research; mitigation activities among other aspects.

The report calls for an urgent need to approach the issue of marine litter through better enforcement of laws and regulations, expanded outreach and educational campaigns and the employment of strong economic instruments and incentives. Proposing some general recommendations, based on the materials presented in the document, and specific recommendations for fourteen different issues regarding marine litter.

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