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NEW: Roundup 130: Commemorative High-level Plenary Meeting: A World Fit for Children + 5

As efforts over recent years to improve the lives of children show both considerable progress and the need for further action, the General Assembly held a special event at United Nations Headquarters from 11-13 December, 2007 focusing on building a world that is truly fit for every child.

Participants gathered in New York for an Assembly session to review progress towards “A World Fit for Children” - a landmark plan of action agreed by world leaders in 2002 to improve the well-being of children.

Five years ago governments committed to a set of time-bound and specific goals in four priority areas concerning children: promoting healthy lives; providing quality education; protecting against abuse, exploitation and violence; and combating HIV/AIDS.

The Assembly’s two-day high-level meeting, known as “A World Fit for Children + 5” examined advances and setbacks in child well-being, and concluded with the adoption of a declaration reaffirming global and national commitments to the goals set in 2002.

This issue of Roundup focuses on the proceedings and outcomes of the meeting and civil society participation at the event. It also contains an interview with Mr. Kul Gautam, who recently retired from his position as Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF after 30 years of service.

Roundup 130: Commemorative High-level Plenary Meeting: World Fit for Children + 5

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