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Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change

Linking climate change to human development remains an important challenge, particularly because climate change is perceived by many as a purely scientific or technical issue.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), as part of the Executive Committee of GGCA (Global Gender and Climate Alliance), has released a ’Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change’. The publication responds to the needs of policy makers and climate change scientists to understand and address better the gender dimensions of climate change. It clarifies the linkages between gender and climate change mitigation and adaptation. It is a practical tool to increase the capacity of policy and decision makers to develop gender-responsive climate change policies and strategies.

The publication is being distributed at workshops for trainers and delegates involved in the negotiations of the International Regime on Climate Change. Its main objectives are to build capacity at global, regional and local level to design and implement gender-responsive climate change policies, strategies and programmes, and to increase the capacity of policy and decision makers so that efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change are gender-sensitive.

The Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change is available in Spanish, English and French on the following links: