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United Nations Non-governmental Liaison Service
16 octobre 2007

International Resource Center for National Platforms of NGOs Launched

16 October 2007 - The International Resource Centre for National Platforms of NGOs (www.ong-ngo.org), an easily accessible, centralized web portal, was recently launched in order to meet the communication needs of NGOs around the world. The resource center, supported by UNDP, is a partnership among four national platforms - ABONG (Brazil), ACCION (Chile), CONGAD (Senegal), VANI (India) and Coordination SUD (France). It features fifty national NGO platforms and is linked to the regional webs created by three of these platforms in order to highlight regional dynamics : www.repaoc.org (for Western and Central African platforms presided over by CONGAD), www.ngo-asia.org (for the regional coalition of South and east Asian NGO platforms presided over by VANI), and www.mesadearticulacion.org (for Mesa de Articulación ( Latin America) coordinated by ABONG). Each national NGO platform was chosen based on standards such as democratic governance, transparency, and ethics.

In order for NGOs, particularly Southern NGOs, to better engage in international debate, this resource center enables sharing of information ; presentation of NGO position papers ; communicating the experience of civil society ; and facilitating the work of the UN by promoting collaboration at national and global levels based on shared goals. The resource center, accessible in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, will improve representation of Southern NGOs in the global dialogue and will promote engagement in regional and global development endeavors.

To read a short news article about the launch of the site, click here

For more information on the International Resource Centre, contact Fabrice Ferrier, General Coordinator at ferrier@coordinationsud.org

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