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29 November 2012

NGLS presents consultation report to the High-level Panel on Post-2015


On 26 November, the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS) presented an in-depth consultation report to the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda (#Post2015HLP).

The in-depth report is the result of an online consultation carried out by NGLS from 19 October to 7 November, in two phases. The first phase (from 19 October to 26 October) took place ahead of the Panel’s meeting in London (31 October to 2 November), which focused on the issue of household poverty. The result was a two-page briefing on initial consultation findings that aimed to inform the Panel in advance of their meeting on civil society views and expectations for a post-2015 development framework, especially in relation to the themes of “human development” and “Jobs and Livelihoods.” The two-page report was delivered to the Panel on 30 October. After the first phase, the deadline for input on the consultation questions was extended until 7 November.

In total, the report reflects 320 written contributions from 135 organizations, international networks and individual respondents from both the first phase and the second phase, as well as reports from meetings of the Panel’s outreach day on 2 November in London, which included: six civil society roundtable discussions, a private sector meeting, a Youth Event, and a Town Hall meeting between more than 200 representatives of civil society organizations and members of the Panel. Discussion via Twitter through the designated hashtag #Post2015HLP has also been included in this report.

For background information about the Panel’s work, and how this consultation fits into the broader consultation and outreach process that the #Post2015HLP will undertake over the course of its work, please read the #Post2015HLP Online Outreach Statement.

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