Civil Society Gathered in Doha Issues Joint Declaration; Calls on UN Member States to Invest in People-Centred Development

More than 250 representatives of civil society organisations gathered in Doha, Qatar from 26-27 November for the Doha Civil Society Forum under the theme ’Investing in People-Centred Development’ in advance of the Follow-up International Conference on Financing for Development (29 November - 2 December).

At the conclusion of the Forum, they adopted a Civil Society Declaration and selected Ms. Gemma Adaba, UN Representative of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), to deliver their views to the main Plenary of the International Conference on Financing for Development on 29 November.

On 28 November, the eve of the official Conference, representatives of civil society held a press conference where they presented an open letter which highlighted several of their concerns expressed on the declaration to the President of the General Assembly.

- Civil Society Declaration

- Text of Statement to General Assembly Plenary

- Link to webcast of statement

- Open Letter to GA President