Consejo de Desarollo Socioeconomico Para Sudamerica Codeseca

Theme 1: Financial regulation Broad principles:

- ) The 2 institutions IMF and Worldbank should be bound to the principles of UN, mainly the sentence „People first…“. It seems very easy, clear and simple, formally everybody and every institution, organisation and enterprise should follow these principles but reality of peoples everyday live is absolutely the contrary.

- ) Private people, enterprises and organisations have to be bound to moral and Human Rights too. Nowadays Human Rights are in crises, some diminished, in some areas not existing (never existed or not existing any more). Violation of the “soft” ones (food, housing, water, human dignity) have no sanctions – this should be changed. Human dignity is violated worldwide (South and North). Giving power to and putting economy, enterprises, economic strong individuals and institutions first destroys our environment and the planet, is against peoples live/humanity – in some countries even kill people – and risks the future of us all.

- ) Economic weak people nowadays have almost no chance to live and/or to live in dignity.

- ) No more promises for people where reality is the contrary (e.g. fight poverty often turns out fighting the poor people themselves, etc.)

- ) A new financial system has to be orientated to first cover the needs of the majority of earth-population, to promote peaceful living together and to satisfy the requirements of human society and mankind in a sustainable environment.